Vange Primary School And Nursery

Personnell Committee





As defined by the full Governing Body. All Associate Members will be members of this committee with voting rights on matters where there are no recognised conflicts of interest.



The quorum of the Committee will be 4 members, of which one must be Executive Headteacher (or Heads of School in their absence) with at least 3 non-staff members.


Chair / Clerking

To appoint a chair and clerk at the first meeting of the academic year for the full year.


Frequency of Meetings

The Committee will meet at least once each term and will hold such additional meetings as are necessary.  Minutes will be taken at each meeting and distributed to all governors by the Clerk.


Review of Terms of Reference

These will be discussed/approved annually at first meeting in Autumn Term, which will be minuted.


Terms of Reference

To support the Governors in their duty of care to all employees.

 To ensure that the school is staffed sufficiently to the fulfilment of the school’s development plan and the effective operation of the school.

 To approve procedure for recruitment and appointment of staff.

To consider applications from staff for secondments or specific leave of absence requests.

 To oversee the process leading to staff redundancies or restructures.

 To ensure the legal requirements for Early Career Teachers (ECT) induction are complied with.

 To follow established procedures when advertising, selecting and appointing new members of staff including safer recruitment guidance.

 To make recommendations on personnel related expenditure to the Finance Committee.

 To keep under review staff work/life balance, working conditions and well-being, including the monitoring of absence.

 To draft and recommend for adoption, the procedures for dealing with discipline and grievances.

 To establish and review a Performance Management/Appraisal policy for all staff.

To consider and recommend to the Governing Body policies regarding early retirement and redundancy.

To review and agree teaching & support staff pay decisions.

To ensure performance management and appraisals are carried out for all staff, including setting up a panel for Executive Headteacher’s performance management.

To follow established procedures when advertising, selecting and appointing new members of staff.

To ensure that all staff receive appropriate training and access to professional development.

To take due notice of the Safer Recruitment Policy

To review and agree staffing structure

To organise separate panels as and when required for: staff discipline & dismissal (including appeal panel); staff pay appeal; flexible working appeals.

To review and consider staff grievances.

To ensure the school is fully compliant with GDPR regulations.

Additional items which individual governing boards may wish to include.



The Committee is authorised by the Governing Board:

 To investigate any activity within its terms of reference.

 To seek any information from any employee, with all employees directed to cooperate with any request made by the Committee.

To obtain any outside legal or independent professional advice where it deems it necessary

 To authorise and monitor expenditure within the staffing budgets with delegated powers for day-to-day matters, including supply cover, being passed to the Headteacher.


 Policies and Procedures

The Personnel Committee is responsible for reviewing and ratifying appropriate policies included in the rolling programme, including:

  • Staff discipline
  • Grievances
  • Capability
  • Redundancy
  • Pay
  • Staff absences (including sickness)

 The Governing Body is also responsible for establishing committees to deal with disciplinary and appeals procedures.  The Headteacher is precluded from sitting on committees established but may attend to give advice.