Vange Primary School And Nursery

Welcome to Vange Primary School and Nursery

We are very proud of the fact that our school is the smallest in Basildon. It’s what makes us so unique and special. Our school has a real family feel, where every child is valued and their achievements are expected to a high level and celebrated. We are a thriving learning community, where pupils, staff, parents, governors and others work towards our 5 Core Values of Value, Achieve, Nurture, Grow, Enjoy.

The vision for all our pupils is that they will become confident, high achieving, respectful individuals who communicate effectively and who are fully prepared to make a successful and sustained contribution to our ever-changing world.

We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum, with competent and experienced staff, who are trained to a high level. During their time with us your child will build their language mathematical, scientific, artistic and physical skills. In addition, they will also develop their confidence, self-esteem, resilience and ability to build meaningful and sustainable relationships with their peers and adults.

Vange Primary School and Nursery is at the heart of our cohesive community. Children, parents, staff and Governors and those in our wider area all work together to enable this. The children are actively encouraged to participate in extra-curricular and competitive activities in school and we offer a wide range of clubs and musical tuition.

Parents and visitors are always welcome to visit the school and we look forward to hearing from you.

We are a small school with BIG ambitions! 


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Our Values


We respect each other and appreciate the opportunities we are given. We do our best and recognise that we can improve.


We aim high in everything we do and recognise that success comes in different forms. We want to be outstanding people as well as outstanding learners.


We take care of each other and make every effort to be kind and polite to everyone in our community. We try to resolve our differences with patience and understanding.


We learn from our mistakes, both personal and academic, with a view to becoming responsible, sensible and well-informed members of our community. 


We work hard but we also play hard!!  We throw ourselves into everything we do with energy and enthusiasm!!