Vange Primary School And Nursery

Medical Arrangements


The welfare of our pupils is very important to us at Vange Primary School and Nursery.  Staff are trained in first aid procedures including paediatric first aid and their training is updated regularly.


Medication at school

To be carried out by an appointed person only.

The administration of medicine should only be carried out if the parent is unable to administer to their child due to work commitments or is of a distance away that makes it not feasible. Medication will only be administered upon completion of a signed request form stating child’s name, medicine, time and dosage to be given. Staff are under no obligation to issue medication but, if agreed, a medicine consent form must be completed.  All medicine given will be logged in the record book and all medication will be kept in the locked cabinet in the office with the exception of asthma pumps.

All medication given to the appointed person should be marked with the child’s name accompanied by a signed request form from the parent stating Name of medication, dosage and time and frequency to be given.

Medicine that is not collected by the parent will be disposed of at the pharmacists after a period of two weeks.

It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the school of changes to their child’s medical needs.



  • Asthma pumps must be labelled with the child’s name
  • They should be easily accessible for use (usually with the child or in their classroom).
  • An asthma record card must be completed by the parent stating times and dosages to be taken
  • Children should have access to their reliever inhaler if away on a school trip. 
  • On overnight trips a brown inhaler and the reliever should be taken with a copy of dosage and times to be taken.
  • Children should have immediate access to their inhalers during physical exercise.

 Pumps should be checked regularly for in use date and parents advised accordingly.


Log onto the Studybugs app and register to get advice with medical issues - click on the link below