Vange Primary School And Nursery

School History


Founded in 1876, the school register shows that the first pupil on 26 October 1876 was Edith Williams. At that time the school had two classrooms.

In 1896 the number of pupils had increased so much that a new classroom was added and in 1905 due to further overcrowding, the infants were moved out of the school to the old school room in Vange Rectory. This allowed the addition of another new classroom that was completed in 1906. In that year the main classroom held 83 pupils, classroom ‘A’ 50 pupils, classroom ‘B’ 50 pupils and the small classroom 30 pupils, a total of 213 in all.

In 1928 the wooden school was added as temporary accommodation to house 200 pupils. Ten years later in 1938 the school Hall was built and then in 1956 came the new classroom with the flat roof.

The old school had many links with the past and produced its fair share of local notable characters. Boys and girls from the school grew to maturity and served their country in two World Wars as well as lesser conflicts. From the days of pony and trap, through the days of wood and coal burning steam - lorries, to the present sleek cars and juggernauts, the school has stood on the A13 serving the local children well.

Today, the school houses four classrooms and a Nursery. Currently all classes are mixed year groups. The school serves a mixed catchment area of local authority and owner occupied housing. It overlooks Basildon Golf Course and boasts some magnificent playing fields lined with trees.