Vange Primary School And Nursery



Even in a school as small as ours, it is difficult ensuring that everyone is up-to-speed with everything that is going on.  We have many ways that we communicate with parents and it is important that you are aware of the different ways of finding out information.



In our endeavours to become more environmentally friendly, the school has become "paperless" and no longer sends out letters with the children.  It is absolutely vital that you provide Mrs Mulreany with an up-to-date email address, an address that you access regularly.  We send out emails about all the events that are coming up and if you are not on the mailing list, then you may miss out on essential information.

Parents should contact their class teacher directly for all class based questions:



Year 1: 

Year 2: 

Year 3: 

Year 4: 

Year 5: 

Year 6:   


SEND: or   


All other enquiries:


Annual Calendar - The Vange Year

This is handed out as a booklet during the "meet the teacher" sessions in September.  All the dates and times for the year are included and it is anticipated that parents will make a note of these dates on personal calendars, phones and in diaries, as they are given up to ten months  in advance of some events. The calendar includes term dates, concert dates and important whole school events such as harvest festival, Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day and Speech Day. 



The school has a Facebook page on which we share photos and reminders of forthcoming activities and events.  This is well-worth "liking" and following.



The school has an app which can be downloaded in your app store.  Search "school jotter" and then choose Vange once you have downloaded the app onto your phone.  Mrs Mulreany, Mrs Rebbeck and Mrs Carswell send out regular "pingalings" and these notifications are sent directly to your phone.


 Text Messaging

 The school operates a  text service for parents who would prefer this form of communication. The school phone is manned by Mrs Tracey Collins and is checked on a daily basis. If you would like the school mobile number, please come into the school office to request this. 


We would politely ask parents and families to ensure that they have checked all the available information streams before contacting the school or leaving messages on the Facebook page, unless it is an emergency. 

It is important that parents and families take personal responsibility for keeping themselves informed of what is going on.